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Super Skin Nutrition is an organic skincare line with respect and honesty. My passion is quality and hyper-nutritional ingrediens, and now I can finally present to you Choco Berry, my bodyserum. I am so proud of how it turned out. I’ve used many hours and sleepless nights on this product but now it’s finally a reality. Trough the process there have been many bumps on the road and challenges but in the end it has been all worth it. When it comes to skincare, there is a lot of information out there on the internet. It can be overwhelming, so rather than read through everything, we tend to hold on to our habits and blindly buy products marketed as “organic” without looking at the ingredients. We have to stop doing that! Because we have the right to treat our bodies right. I will produce only 99% organic products for you and with no bullshit ingrediens. A pure product that helps your body all around. Filled with antioxidants and superfoods that will make sure your body will love it. A new adventure for me has started. I am producing my own beauty products with the best organic nutritional ingredients. I wanted something for myself and thought it would be selfish not to share it with you and the day: The Super Skin Nutrition linie was born. The first baby in the line is Choco Berry. A body Serum. My body problem solver. I have always suffered from dry skin especially on my legs. I have bought A LOT of cremes and oils to help hydrate my skin, but I have always felt like something was missing. That is why I developed Choco Berry. Choco Berry will both hydrate your skin and make it smooth and beautiful through the active ingrediens. Only the best for you!

I have fought hard to get all organic ingrediens. Choco Berry is 99% organic only the E-vitamin is not organic. E-vitamin is important to make sure the oils does not turn rancid. I care about you that is why you are safe if you buy my products. I am honest all the way through the process and there will be no hidden ingrediens in my products! Right now I am already developing new products but the process is long! I promise you when it is ready it will be worth it.

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